Friday, 2 August 2013

Summary: iPhone 5S

Finally the time has edged near and the clock has struck the alarm for the welcoming of the much awaited sibling in the Apple family- Apple iPhone 5S. It’s pretty much evident that Apple is on a mission of gulping the information driven era with its world class product and out of the box technology that is all new iOS 7. The all new 4 incher beast in the Apple family picks A7 processor that is merely a step up of the A6 processor in i5. Confusingly however, there are still no true words upon the cores that the phone will pack in its processor. There is a great probability that the phone might pack the same ongoing dual core processor, as the iOS is pretty efficient OS and the phone needs only two cores. Nevertheless, we wouldn’t be surprised to see the quad core processor in the i5 S. Plus, the rear 12 Megapixels snapper would be another interesting face to see from the company and also, Apple might amplify the built in memory up to 128 GB this time!

Truly speaking, no conclusions can be drawn unless there are any true words upon the actual specs of the i5 S. all we really need to do is, just wait for a while and then we are really through with the suspense!