Friday, 28 September 2012

A new design for a all new Apple iPhone 5

When we think of technology world and various new updates in it 'apple' is one of the best to talk about as they are the one who have been standing on number one position since some time now. But after all these 'nice to hear' things as well this company was standing behind in line were design was concerned.

Though when the very first apple iphone (the very original) was reveled in front of world each and very person who experienced this handset use to prase about the design of its, but since after than many has came in row and no difference was provided by the company in terms of design.

But finally now here we are with a new change in Apple iphone 5, as there are few changes which can be mention under the segment of design. Now if you are thinking that this gadget is looking same just like the previous one, then you need to experience it personally.

As with a half inch taller screen there are few more changes which has been introduced in this amazing handset, like this is 18 % thinner and 20 % lighter from the previous version of same (apple iphone 4s). 

Over all there is more to experience in this gadget, then just viewing it from a distance.

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Apple Iphone Price in India

The connectivity of the Apple iPhone 4S is established through Wi-Fi and a 3G data transmission at the rate of 7.2 Mbps. This iPhone is built around the dual core processor A5 and has a dual core graphics that makes the Apple iPhone 4S a product that is par excellence in performance and features delivering at a graphic speed that is around seven times when compared to its previous models of Apple iPhones.

Competitive Pricing 

The Apple iPhone 4S 16 GB price is set at around Rs. 44134/- in India. The core of attraction of the Apple iPhone 4S is its majestic 8 pixel camera complemented with video footage of around 1080 pixels and a strong and powerful dual core processor, face detection feature and the Siri, an ordinary language tone control system.

The Apple iPhone 3GS price in India is priced at Rs. 8000/- per set in Indian currency. The Apple iPhone 4S price in India starts off from Rs. 40980/- onwards which is largely dependent on the resident memory of the phone which starts at 16 GB and goes up 32 GB capacity. The Apple iPhone 16 GB price in India is set at Rs. 28500/- which is an easily affordable price.